75% of internet users will make judgments about a business’s credibility based solely on how their website looks.

If you offer a product or service as a B2B or B2C, your website is your storefront. It is the image that represents your business, and It’s what will linger in the mind of your customer after they have left your shop. A poorly designed website will surely lead to a poor first impression

If you’re here, you probably already know that and maybe looking to have one of the best website design companies create a new website for you. Or you may wish to upgrade and resurrect your current website with the help of a website development agency. You need to think carefully about choosing one of the many website design agencies that exist out there, but how?

How to Choose Your Web Design company

They say; there is a lot of fish in the sea for you to choose from, but what they don’t tell you is that there is also a lot of garbage in the sea too.  Although there are many website design companies out there, picking the wrong will have a lot of negative effect on your business. So, how can you find the one that will create the right image for you without breaking the bank or keeping you in limbo mode?

Check Out Their Website

Always check a website design and development company to see their personality and what they can do. Most will showcase their capabilities on their own websites. go through their website and see if design, functionality, and workflows of their site are in line with what you are looking for.

Also, look into who they’ve worked for in the past. What did their clients say about them? check out their About Us, testimonials and social media pages to find out more about them.

Investigate The Website Design Company Portfolio

Some website design companies specialize in specific industries like constructive.co and some have expertise in multiple ones like BrandLume.com.

Are you looking for a simple interface that functions quickly and has an intuitive interface? As you will see below, Maxburst may interest you. However, if you love art and all things creative, Taoti may provide the flair that you need.

Check out the portfolios of prospective design agencies portfolio carefully. This will help you to choose an agency that is passionate about creating websites with the appearance and functionality that you want.

Clarify your Budget and the Design Agency’s Prices

Always put the budget you have in mind on paper, so you know what kind of website design agencies you can work with. That’s because some agencies will charge much more than others due to their portfolio of previous clients or size of companies they are willing to work with, and this might not necessarily translate to much ROI for your needs.

Here at Brandlume for example; we know budget is a big concern and one of the biggest factors during your decision making. That’s why we provide upfront prices on all our website design and development services. so, you can compare hassle-free and without having to fish for quotes that are based on what you could afford or get bumbarded on marketing emails.

Location of the Web Design Company is Important

Just because the internet is international doesn’t mean that you should pick a website design company in India. Website Design company’s location mandates rules and regulations they must follow and you’d have no assurance if things go south with an off-shore agency.

Also, your website is your biggest asset in today’s digital market place, so don’t put your business’s online faith in unreliable hands. There is real value in selecting a reliable company that you can count on easily contact before, during and after your project.

Furthermore,  if the agency is based in the US, UK or Canada, then you can confirm server location , compliance and quality.

Now you know how to identify the agency that can meet your needs. So who are the best website design agencies on the North American continent?

Check out this constantly updated list of top website design and development companies. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, so they are listed in no particular order.  At least one of these companies will provide the service you want at the price you want.


Our first stop is LoungeLizard. Based in New York, USA, Loungelizard has been around for over 25 years and have been recognized as “best of breed” since 1998.

They create anything from websites to apps to marketing strategies across several platforms. They are a forward-thinking company that focuses on emerging technology such as voice search. They typically focus on bigger companies and have the infrastructure to take on any major project.

Starting Price: $25,000


Brandlume’s focus not just website design, but it’s development as well and emphasizes on creating high conversion custom responsive WordPress & E-commerce websites that provide $50-150K website design and functionalities at a fraction of that cost.

All website Design, Development and optimization services are tailored towards progressive small to large multi-location companies who want a website that creates tangible business and meets today’s digital demand, instead of acting as online business cards.

Brandlume is known as the Amazon of agencies, as it has every possible branding, digital marketing and website development services under one roof, with upfront prices, no long-term contracts and simple amazon like checkout process.

Starting Price: $2000


If you are searching for web design agencies that focus on immersive websites, Intechnic is a good place to start. Starting from the home page they create an immersive experience that directs visitors to key pages such as products.

Intechnic is not a small company, it is based in Chicago and has been active for over 15 years. They have ongoing business relationships with Google and Sony.

Starting Price: $10000


Many businesses have customer bases that cross international borders and multiple languages. They need a web design agency that can support this.

Mightybytes offers everything from basic web design to digital management across domains and languages.

Do you want your website to have extensive downloadable assets? Mightybytes also offers digital asset management systems for customers.

Starting Price: $10000

Blue Fountain Media

Fast loading time is important. Experts tell us that by the time your website hits 4 seconds of loading time, you’ve already lost 25% of your potential viewers. Blue Fountain Media gets around slow loading by using HTML5 rather than Flash.

Blue Fountain Media takes a strong storytelling approach to design. Each element of the design is designed to lead the visitor or encourage them to take a specific action.

Starting Price: $50000


Functionality, responsive design, speed of loading, click rates. These are all important in business-focused web design.

Yet, does your company brand have a creative personality? Are you looking for creativity?

If this is you, then Taoit may interest you. Taoit is noted as one of the top web design firms in the DC area.

Far from only an arty design agency, they focus on accessibility. One of their goals is to ensure that the disabled have the best possible website experience.

Starting Price: $25000