Most people recognize Justin Hall’s blog as the first blog online. Starting up in 1994, Justin’s blog paved the way for the modern blogs we know today.

Not all blogs are the same and the topic can be confusing. If you aren’t sold on why you need to blog, the below information showcasing the benefits of blogging will help you get a better idea of how blogging will help you.

Continue reading this article as we go through the four reasons every business can grow their business using a blog.

Can’t-Miss Benefits of Blogging

While not all businesses will get the same results out of a blog, the below benefits are the top ones most businesses experience. As you read you’ll also get tips on how to get these benefits.

1. Creates Audience Engagement

Creating customer engagement doesn’t get enough attention is many businesses.

Even businesses that have blogs write the post and then ignore their audience that posts comments or even worse – they turn off all comments.

People love being able to comment and interact with topics they are passionate about. If you don’t engage with your audience they don’t feel heard and often they will go looking for someone else that does want to pay attention to them.

Engaging with customers makes them feel like they have a part with your company. Oftentimes they will move from customers to raving fans if you engage with them and show them you are grateful they do business with you.

Most people don’t expect the CEO to engage with them in the blog posts or on social media. While this is true, you could have an assistant reply to people that post on social media. Let them know that your company’s team cares.

2. Showcases Your Knowledge on the Topic

The best way to show people you’re the right company to do business with is to show them that you know what you’re talking about.

When you showcase what you know, people are more likely to trust you to be able to perform. If you create useful resources for potential clients, when it comes time for them to make a purchase, your company is going to be the one they think of.

When you’re creating useful blogs, you can create different types of blogs. You might have a guide, a glossary of definitions or other helpful resources. The more you help people through your blog, the better results you’re going to get.

To make this strategy the most effective, make sure you structure your content in a way that is easy for visitors to read. You should also make sure your site’s navigation is simple so people can find the topics and information they are interested in.

3. Long-Term Exposure

When you blog you are often able to gain traffic through search engines. When your website has helpful information that is optimized for search engines, you’re likely to get some traction.

If you manage to rank a good number of posts on the first page, you could get a lot of long-term traffic. Creating blogs that bring in long-term traffic should be a focus instead of simply putting out content and hoping for the best.

When you’re creating content for your blog, create content that is evergreen. When you create content that people will be searching for long into the future, you are creating an asset that will continue to work for you long after you write and post it.

4. Helps People Humanize Your Brand

When blogging is done right, people will be able to humanize your brand. By humanizing your brand, we mean they will stop looking at your brand as a big faraway company that is cold and unfeeling.

Instead of feeling like your company is distant and doesn’t care, you’re going to have customers that feel like you’re a friend or adviser. Depending on the voice you use in your brand, you can show people different sides of your company’s personality.

Before you start blogging, you need to make sure you know how you want people to perceive your company.

Why Blog for Business?

Now you have some idea of why you should blog for business. As you’ve read through this content, it is likely that you’ve come up with a few other reasons you’re going to start your blog as well.

Blogging makes sense when you want to stay in front of your audience. Blogging makes sense when you don’t just want to compete but you want to dominate your niche.

When people search for keywords in your niche, they should see your blog posts. You want to show up on the top page as much as possible for terms related to your topic to show that you’re a thought leader and authority.

Continue to build your business through the blog by generating new leads, converting leads and making sales through your blogging efforts. Without a blog, you’re behind the times and your competition is going to beat you to the prize.

Blog consistently whether that is once a week, once a day or less. People get used to your schedule and you need to give the people what they want.

Digital Marketing Agencies Make Your Life Easier

Now that you understand the benefits of blogging, you’re likely excited to get started. Adding more tasks to your list might seem overwhelming.

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