Your branding strategy and Brand Identity shape everything about your approach to your brand’s marketing. It helps people to understand what you have to offer, the values you stand for, how you communicate with your market, and especially who your products and services are meant for.

It also fosters a sense of loyalty between your company and its customers, and can even create a sense of excitement and exclusivity about your brand.

Above all?

Good branding Services makes people curious about your business.

But if you get branding wrong?

Don’t expect your doors to be open for much longer.

Whether you want to revamp your brand strategy, or if you’re starting from scratch, read on to understand how branding services can help you to create a rock-solid foundation for your company.

What Is Branding?

It’s impossible to grasp why branding services are so valuable without first understanding what branding is.

It’s much more than just a logo, a color scheme, or a motto.

Instead, branding encompasses the entire story of your company — and informs the way in which you tell it.  

Branding ensures that you make genuine, long-term connections with your target market.

It helps them to recognize your company when they see your advertising in print, online, on television, or elsewhere.

Your branding makes it clear to your market that you know their pain points and share their values. It shows have empathy for them because you’ve been there yourself. Then, branding lets your market know that you can provide them with a lasting solution — one that’s different than those offered by your competitors.

Above all, branding is how your target market recognizes that your company “gets” them, and proves that you’re both a member of the same tribe.

How Brand Identity Design Services Bring Your Vision to Life

So, you know what branding is, and understand how it connects you to your target market while also differentiating you from your competitors.

However, you’re still struggling to get to know your brand as a whole.

Perhaps you’ve started a new company outright, and haven’t yet asked yourself the right questions to get to know your brand and your market (and struggle to comprehend what these “right questions” even are.)

Maybe you’ve been in business for a while, but have made so many improvements and shifts in what you sell, who you sell it to, and how you sell it that your old branding strategy is no longer effective. Perhaps you’re even considering rebranding to keep pace with your competitors, or because you’re not seeing the kinds of conversions and customer loyalty that you have in the past.

This is where expert  brand identity design services come into play.

These services will help you to make an unforgettable and purposeful first impression on your target market. They’ll ensure you create a branding strategy that’s consistent and evergreen so that you don’t have to rebrand again in a year and can use the same branding concepts in all of your marketing tools.

A Custom Logo Design That Flaunts Your Personality

Your logo is the foundation of your branding strategy.

It will go on all of your promotional materials, your social media profiles, letterheads and business cards, product packaging, and much more.

It needs to be legible, easily resized, and have a strong central image. While trends can influence parts of the design, you still want your logo to be evergreen.

Check out some cool designs and a great service to get a lot of designs for the price of one, here.  

Business Card Design That Aces Your Networking

Your business card isn’t just an extension of your brand. It’s a way to connect with your market on a much more personal level.

It needs to represent both your brand and the people who work for it well — and it has to be memorable enough to stand out from the pile of other business cards your leads already have.

A great place to start your search is here

Stationary, Letterheads, And Envelopes That Show You Mean Business

Whether you’re sending a personalized letter of thanks to a client, reaching out to leads, drafting internal memos, or really, writing anything at all, your stationery should make a branded yet professional statement.

Branded envelopes are also perfect for sending out holiday cards or any other promotional materials, so your market will be certain to open them up.

Social Media Profile Cover Designs That Unify Your Online Voice

It’s no secret how large of a role social media plays in your overall branding and marketing strategies.

You need to make it easy for your clients and leads to find you on different social media platforms, and ensure that your cover images, profile photos, and more are consistent across multiple platforms. A great place to get it all done professionally is here.  

The images also need to be intriguing enough to convince people to hit the “follow” button.

Are you looking for all of the above in one simple package? Do you want dozens of designs from multiple experts for the price of one? Check out this all-in-one solution and get what you need now.

Marketing Collaterals Design Services

Marketing collaterals are an incredible help at trade shows, product unveilings, conferences, and other industry events.

They’ll work to reinforce your branding, while also making certain that your market remembers who you are and what you have to offer long after an event or in-store visit has finished.

They’re also excellent materials to include in mailings and pitch packages so that your leads can learn more about your company on their own time — and have a tangible reminder of your services.

Check out  marketing collaterals design services from Brandlume, where initial designs are provided in eight days or less. They also come with a 100% money-back guarantee, provide dozens of expert designs from multiple designers to choose from, and of course, 100% copyrights. You’ll also receive digital and print files in multiple file formats.

It’s said that you see thousands of ads a day but only remember around seven of them. The smartest companies leverage that by flooding their customers with high-quality marketing designs to make sure that they are one of the ones remembered. There are different marketing techniques that you have to use if you plan on using this strategy effectively.

Now, let’s take a look at the marketing collaterals design services you absolutely have to have.

Postcard Design

Whether you want to let your clients know about an upcoming sale, new product, or another branch location, a postcard is a perfect way to send them a quick note.

With the right design, clients may even tack the postcard up on their bulletin boards or stick it to their fridge — which means they see your brand’s name every day. Now that’s cost-effective advertising.


Heading to a trade show and want to make sure that everyone who visits your booth leaves with all the information they need?

Don’t have time to deliver a complete pitch, but still want to make sure clients understand who you are and what you offer?

A well-designed, branded, and easy-to-read leaflet can make it happen.

Brochure Design

Interested in connecting with new clients?

Want to give your leads a tangible reminder of what you discussed after a meeting?

Need marketing materials for your lobby or mailers?

No matter what kind of industry you’re in, a branded brochure with your contact information will make sure everyone leaves your office or shop with the information they need to make a more informed decision — or understand what to do next after making a purchase or closing a deal.

Poster Design

Need to give a presentation? Want to create a sign for your office or store that guides both visitors and employees?

A branded poster makes it easy for customers and team members alike to spot the information they need.

Banner Design

Need to draw visitors to your booth at a trade show? Want to make an exciting announcement about your company?

An eye-catching banner design will help ensure that all eyes are on your brand.

Billboard Design

When you’re ready to make a big impression with a billboard, getting the design right is essential in helping you to get your money’s worth.

A strong concept doesn’t just connect with your target market — it also helps you expand to new ones by generating some serious buzz about your brand.


Whether you need a menu to advertise your delicious dishes, spa services, or something else altogether, you want to be certain your design draws the eye towards your most popular — and most lucrative — offerings.

The design must also illustrate just how much you have to offer, to keep customers coming back to try out new things in the future.

Booth Designs

With so many of your competitors presenting alongside you, it can sometimes be tough to stand out at a trade show.

An innovative — but still inviting — booth design can make all the difference. It also makes for an excellent photo opportunity.

Any and all of these services are offered at one place with upfront prices at BrandLume. You can get any of these products designed by professionals at less than freelancer prices. Check out all your options with upfront prices at BrandLume’s Marketing Collateral Design page.  

Most importantly, you get full copyrights and multi-format delivery, a 100% money-back guarantee, and an initial design delivery within 8 days. You’ll also get multiple designs from multiple expert graphic designers so that you can be certain you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for. Select your ideal design and further refine it, till it’s exactly what you wanted.  

Product Packaging and Label Design Services

The right product packaging and label design help to make sure that people know instantly that they’re buying something from your brand.

Of course, while brand recognition is important, the right packaging and label designs also encourage and entice people to choose your products over those of your competitors.

They also make appearances in unboxing videos, photos on social media, on store shelves, and countless other places.

In short?

You need to get them right.

Think about the last time you were in a store. When you go down an aisle, certain products draw your attention to them, even if you aren’t looking for that particular item. These products use a mixture of color psychology, attention-grabbing graphics, and product placement.

Product placement is generally controlled by the store and not the company itself, but you do have complete control over the color and graphics. These professional designs make the item stand out, and even if someone doesn’t need that item now they will remember it later when they need something similar.

The same holds true online. Through the use of product packaging and label designs, your products will stand out in a crowded marketplace. You’ll use these graphics to improve brand recognition, gaining new customers through a combination of getting noticed online and through second-hand marketing, which means that other people will see your product and want it when your customer uses it in front of them.

Let’s take a look at the product packaging and label design services that would get your products flying of the shelves and into the shopping cart. Whether it’s custom food, beverage, beer, wine, retail or cosmetics product packaging, and label design, you can find it here.  

Packaging Design Services

Packaging design services are an excellent fit within a variety of industries. Those in the cosmetic, retail, food, and product development worlds create packaging that leaves a lasting impression — and stand out on any shelf or website.

These services make certain that your packaging doesn’t just help to sell and show off the features of your specific products. They ensure that it’s also consistent with the rest of your branding strategy as a whole. The goal is to blow away your customers, giving you new business and an amazing ROI.

Product Label Design Services

Whether you want labels that you can stick on shopping bags, shipping boxes, or even individual products, you deserve a design that stands out. To get that, you need a company that will work to create the right product label design, whether you are in the food, beverage, product manufacturing, or wine/beer industries, to make sure your labels go above and beyond.

From including nutritional information and your logo to finding room to tell consumers a bit more about your brand, when you work with an industry leading label and packaging company, you’ll make use of all the space your label has to offer.

The Best Company For All Your Branding Needs

Whether you need assistance with brand identity and marketing collaterals design services, or if you’d like help with product packaging and label design, the incredible team at Brandlume is here to bring your vision to life — or even help you to form it in the first place.

So, why should you work with BrandLume?

You won’t get locked into a long-term contract. Every service has upfront prices with previous examples, offers you an omnichannel marketing platform, and allows you unlimited revisions and edits. Additionally, you’ll get initial designs from multiple designers in eight days or less — and you’ll get 100% copyrights on your designs, plus an omnichannel branding and marketing platform to take care of all your needs in one place, not different agencies.

Most importantly, you can get all the branding services you need in one place.

This helps to keep things consistent, ensures everything is delivered in a timely manner and eliminates potential conflicts surrounding copyrights.

BrandLume’s designs are so powerful that many local agencies white label the services, selling it for two to three times more than what they pay for it. Make sure you get the best value by working with us directly — or increase your profits by letting us handle your clients’ branding services for you.

Your brand doesn’t deserve anything less than the absolute best. Reach out to learn more and get the services you need.