Modern businesses need to have a robust online presence in order to stay competitive. A website is usually the first impression customers get of your brand. For this reason, it’s wise to invest in professional assistance when it comes to web design. 


How do you choose the right service provider for your business’s needs and circumstances? Let’s talk about some key factors to look for in a professional Toronto web design company. 

Knowing Where to Look 


Observe other successful businesses in your field and see where their web design comes from. What agencies helped them achieve their levels of success? You can also ask your peers directly for recommendations. 


Another method is using online searches. We suggest that you start locally, as agencies near you are more likely to appeal to customers closeby and understand your company’s circumstances. Don’t forget that most customers start their online searches locally as well. Toronto is home to many web design contractors, so you won’t have to look far. 


Check Out the Agency’s Website 

There’s no better place to start your analysis than the agency’s own site. It should reflect their general style and level of technical skill. Check out the layout, the responsiveness of the site, and the user-friendliness. 


Even if the aesthetic choices aren’t in your personal taste, an experienced agency can adapt its workflow to meet your preferences. Just make sure the website is modern and visually appealing in some way. You can even search for a site blog to see if the staff know how to write well. 

Consult References 

A web design agency should have a section on the website dedicated to a portfolio, where you can see examples of their previous works. Judge these the same way you’d judge the agency’s own site. 


Take a look at the type of clients the service provider works with. Are they comparable to you? Are they similar in terms of scope and industry? Even if a lot of the examples aren’t in your field, a varied portfolio at least suggests that the agency is flexible and can adapt well to multiple client niches, including yours. 


Set Up Communication 

The next important step is to check how accessible and friendly working with the agency seems. Make sure it can answer your questions effectively, as experienced web designers know how to explain the workflow and why they make the decisions that they do. 


An ambiguous conversation may suggest that the company uses a “cookie-cutter” approach to all its clients, which rarely works in business. The company must also discuss the details of your project thoroughly before launching into making a sale with you. 

Find Out Their Platform of Choice 

Every web designer works with some type of content management system or CMS. A professional service provider is well-versed in at least one or two. 


A CMS is a software platform that allows the agency to work with content, widgets, layouts, and other tools to build your website. WordPress is a popular open-source option, but some companies choose to use an in-house, proprietary CMS. 


Every solution has strengths and weaknesses. Ensure that your company of choice knows how to address the weak points and how to optimize the strong points for your organization. 

Analyze the Work Culture 

It’s no secret that web design is hardly a one-man job, especially for businesses. Agencies typically run in-house teams who need to communicate efficiently and maintain a continuous workflow. 


The staff must be dedicated enough to stay with you during the entire project, so be wary of companies that rely excessively on outsourcing and casual freelancing. A good web design company will always communicate if one of the services they are providing are outsourced or done in-house.


You might need the services past the completion of the site and as content updates and changing layouts are commonplace when your requirements inevitably change. 

See If They Offer Other Services 

There’s more to running a successful company website than just web design. You might need digital marketing skills or Copywrite too, and the best agencies can provide them as well. For more info on all the services you need to be a successful business, book a free consultation with one of our experts today.