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Why managing your online reputation & reviews so crucial?

In today’s digital world, it’s easier than ever for your consumers to broadcast their opinion of you with the world. The online reputation has also become a huge comparison factor for consumers shopping for any services.

Unfortunately, most consumers who are motivated to share their review are those with negative experiences, which are impossible to avoid.

The real solution is to proactively manage your online reputation by consistently acquiring positive reviews and sharing them across your entire digital footprint.

Lucky for you, BrandLume has built a complete online reputation management system that provides all the services you need to take care of your reputation in one simple package.

How it works

So, why us?

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Get a Lot More Customer Reviews, Hassle-Free

Getting a lot of positive reviews has a few amazing impacts on your company.

It muffles the negatives reviews that you can’t control, acts as social proof, wins you more customers against competition, improves your SEO and SERPs ranking on Google, increases your conversion rates and can be used as a great closing tool. Need we say more?

So, to help you get more positive reviews; we’ve created a smart and simple widget that you can insert into all your client-facing materials like your website and email which prompts your clients to leave you a review.

If their review is 4-5 stars, the widget will prompt them to post it on your site of choice and if it’s below that, it will direct them to send you a private message, giving you a chance to deal with the problem instead of sharing a negative review with the world.

Guy happy with excellent customer reviews
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Push Reviews on Your Choice of Websites

Choose where you’d want your customers to post their positive reviews with our smart reputation management software.

You can choose from 60+ major, directory and social media websites like Google, BBB, Facebook, Yelp, Dealerrater, WebMD, Homeadvisor and many more.

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Proactive Negative Review Prevention

Using our intuitive review management software, you get to proactively approach customers before they go to review sites and direct them to contact you privately and give you a chance to resolve the problem, instead of writing a negative review.

This is a far better process than trying to resolve a problem after the customer has left a negative review and asking them to change their review after resolving the issue.

In many cases, customers don’t change the reviews even after you resolve the problem, whereas they would not leave a negative review if you use a proactive system to deal with the issue.

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Auto-Post Your Reviews To Social Media

The auto-post functionality of our review software lets you auto-push your positive reviews to your social media channels.

This is a great way to improve your social proof and create fresh backlinks from your social media posts back to your website for SEO purposes.

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Online Reputation Monitoring Service

That’s right! No more dealing with separate systems to get a review and monitor your online reputation.

Our software will crawl all sites and show you any review that is posted about you, anywhere!

This allows you to see what people are saying about you anywhere online and quickly see reviews that you wouldn’t be able to see and act upon, without this system.

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See How the Review System Looks

BrandLume Review System Overview
Check out a few live websites that are using our review system

North York Chrysler | Caledon Chrysler

Packages & Pricing

  • $89USD/Mo
  • Got more locations? No Problem!

    2-5 Locations:    $79/mo each
    6-10 Locations:  $69/mo each
    10+ Locations:   $49/mo each
  • To get the multi-location discounts:
    Simply pick the number of locations at checkout and discounts will apply automatically
  • Review Acquisition System
    - Embeddable Widget
    - Email Footer Widget
    - Prevents Negative Reviews
    - Over 50+ Review Sites
    - Collect Unlimited Reviews
  • Automate Asking For Reviews
    - Outbound Email Campaigns
    - Outbound SMS Campaigns
  • Review Monitoring & Reporting
    - Monitor Major Review Sites
    - Get Review Alerts
    - Produce Custom Reports
  • Review Promotion
    - Autopost Reviews To Social Media
    - Display Reviews On Your Website
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What clients say

What’s the Process?


Well, if you wish to take a quick overview of our reputation management solution, just click here!

Yes! We need to gather few details about your business and in order to gather all the info, we will send out an intake form for you to fill out.

You can definitely change and customize your landing page!

Sure! The reports are generated from the software. If you wish to take a look, Click here.

Yes! That’s what this solution is meant for. You can simply get an overview of all your reviews in the detailed report. However, if you get any negative reviews, you will be notified on your email and you can follow up with the review immediately.

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