Permanent Homepage Backlinks from High DA Websites

What are Permanent homepage backlinks?

Creating quality SEO backlinks is one of the two most effective ways (besides Content Marketing) to have your website show up on the firstpage of Google.

Now, there are different kinds of link building services, but one of  the most powerful and hardest to acquire is getting a high-quality backlink to your website from the homepage of a site that has a high Moz DA and is related to your industry.

Naturally, getting these authorities to post a link to your site on their homepage is next to impossible, but BrandLume has established a great relationship with these websites over the years and we can get your link there, permanently!

We’ll manually reach out to your industry-specific authoritative websites and post permanent homepage backlinks on their homepage sidebar.

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How it works

So, why us?

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Why Moz Domain Authority for Homepage backlinks valuation?

You see, there are regrettably many SEO Link building services and SEO companies that sell what are supposedly High Authority Domain backlinks, but most of the DA (Domain Authority) levels they reference are misleading. Buying these links would cost you a lot and the effect is minimal.

That’s because they are referring to DA levels based on Google’s “toolbar PR” which hasn’t been updated since 2013! As a result, the sites they are posting your links on don’t have the high DA they are claiming they have.

At BrandLume, we only do things that deliver true value to our customers, and that’s why we use the industry’s best DA checking system, Moz DA Checker.

Moz Domain Authority Checker is the most accurate way to check the DA and PA ( Page Authority) of websites. So, we’ll always use it for evaluating an SEO backlink value. We’ll also ensure that your links are posted on sites with 15+ Moz DA and mostly on 20 to 30+ DA, depending on your niche.

You also get a live reporting of where the links are created, so you can always check them and see how they are working for you.

Here is a reference point to the power of websites we use:

Moz DA 15-20 (Small power)
Moz DA 20-30 (Medium power)
Moz DA 30+ (Large power)

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100% Effective or your Money Back Guaranteed!

These permeant Homepage backlinks are super powerful, and we know they will have a positive effect on your SERPs rankings.

Infect, we are so confident in their power that we’ll give you 100% of your money back if you are not happy with you are not happy with your backlink with-in the first month of their placement.

Ps, these links are guaranteed to be permanent, and we will replace them if they ever go down. You also get a live backlink checker access, so you can always check on the backlinks we provide.

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Packages & Pricing

  • $450USD/mo
    (5 Links X $90)
  • Starter Boost to your site's ranking
  • Get 5 High Authority Links:

    We'll contact high authority publishers in your niche and place your homepage links on the sidebar with a Domain Authority(DA) 15+
  • 90$ per Link
  • $800USD/mo
    (10 Links X $80)
  • Medium Boost to your site's ranking
  • Get 10 High Authority Links:

    We'll contact high authority publishers in your niche and place your homepage links on the sidebar with a Domain Authority(DA) 15+
  • 80$ per Link (11% Discount)
  • $1400USD/mo
    (20 Links X $70)
  • Massive Boost to your site's ranking
  • Get 20 High Authority Links:

    We'll contact high authority publishers in your niche and place your homepage links on the sidebar with a Domain Authority(DA) 15+
  • 70$ per Link (22% Discount)

What clients say

What’s the Process?


We understand that we offer a variety of link building solutions under SEO but every link building solution is to serve a different purpose. The In-Content Link Building Solution is a cost-effective way of building links and we build you new links every time backed up by multiple tiers to further boost these links.

On the other hand, Permanent Link Building Solution is to provide you with permanent homepage links on sites that are already established and have good authority. With this, you will see quicker movements in your SEO search rankings all with the same reliability as that of In-Content Links.

You can purchase the order by simply adding the desired package in the cart and check out. However, after your order is processed, we will send you details to fill out the intake form. You need to provide few details about the URLs that you wish to include, keywords and your niche.
To be honest, we have worked on more than 10k campaigns and we have enough inventory for about anything. Just in case we can’t for your industry, we will let you know!
Well, as said earlier, we have worked on over 15k campaigns and have inventory for every niche. We try to get you as close to your niche as we can!
No! You can have a variety of combination. But in order to see results, we recommend you use at least 5 links for a specific domain.

The number of outbound links varies from site to site. However, the sites contain the only couple of links on the sidebar and total less 10 outbound links. But, we cannot guarantee the exact numbers.

Most of the websites will be WordPress sites. However, it is upon the site owner that which platform he has built his site on. But it doesn’t change the effectiveness of the campaign in any way.

Most of them look like Private Blog Network sites.
A Private Blog Network (PBN) is a nexus of some authoritative websites used to assemble connections to your money website to rank higher in the Google web index. A money site is the site you mean on positioning i.e. the one that really profits.

As part of this service, we ensure our customers that their links stay live all the time. However, we audit these links from time to time to make sure that they are up. In case, a website goes down, we replace these links automatically. Also, in case you find anything wrong with these links, get in touch with us and we shall fix the issue right away!

The Domain Authority of all links varies from DA20- DA30 but the minimum DA for all links will be DA15
In order to keep things safe and effective, we focus on creating natural anchors through natural keyword text and branded keywords. This will always ensure good long lasting SEO boost even if there is any algorithm change from search engines.
Yes! These links will be detected by backlink checker tools.
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