You’re tired of working with countless companies, freelancers, and outsourcing agencies that clearly don’t make your success a priority.

You know that your business is suffering as a result. You’re nowhere near serving the market and making the level of profits that you could be.

What if there was an online platform that allowed you to get everything you need under one roof, hassle free?

At BrandLume, you’ll get exactly that and much more.

Ready to save money and stress less, get the results you want faster than you ever thought possible, at the fraction of the usual cost, and done with enterprise level digital marketing, branding, and website development experts?

Of course you are.

Instead of following the latest trends, wouldn’t you rather be the one leading the pack with everyone else trying to catch up? You don’t serve your market by being a follower; you have to be the one that’s setting the trends.

At BrandLume, however, we’re more than just the “next big thing.”

We’re leading a revolution.

Read on to find out how.

The BrandLume Revolution

At BrandLume, we bring a lot of never before seen good things to the table.

But the thing that we think makes us truly revolutionary?

We have the ability to provide you with complete agency level branding along with website and digital marketing services under one online shop and making it completely hassle-free.

Here’s the thing about using different agencies, freelancers, or companies that only focus on one aspect of “The Big Three.”

Whether you are a small or medium sized business with multiple locations, when you have different companies doing your marketing/ branding/ website services, you’re wasting money and a whole lot of brain cells. Using multiple companies destroys any chance you have of seeing a healthy ROI. Before you know it, you’re spending more money than your making and having to work twice as hard to make it.

You still have internal things to deal with. You have schedules and timelines to keep track of. Each of the different companies you use will have different levels of experience and talent. They’ll all use different softwares, do business differently, and don’t provide proactive solutions or resolve things unless you tell them to, which leaves you running after each one to try to have the MDO what you need. Isn’t the idea of outsourcing to make your life easier? Does this seem easier to you? Of course not.

It’s insanity to use different companies to meet your needs because they don’t communicate with each other. You end up with five people pulling in five different directions while you’re stuck in the middle, throwing money at a problem that money can’t fix.

Enter BrandLume, where everything — whether it’s SEO services, logo design, or website design or hosting —  is done by the same company. We are not a freelance hiring platform, meaning that you won’t have to worry about quality changing from project to project. You get to use one company, so you’ll always experience the same expectations, experience, rules about edits, content delivery, timelines, and customer communication.

Here, we believe in the power of actually talking to each other and working for your money, month after month ( no long-term contracts). No long-term contracts are important. It means that we have to EARN your business every month. We’re not sure when good communication, or getting what you paid for, became so revolutionary, but the sad reality is that in today’s world, it is.

Of course, we offer quite a few other advantages, too.

We’re always upfront about our pricing. You buy services online without proposals that are based on your pocket size and vague promises, back and forth negotiations, fishing for previous examples, what’s in the scope, and timelines. You don’t have to worry about ugly “surprises” later. We believe that excellent service should be available to businesses of all budgets and sizes.

Our prices are so competitive that many of our clients are local branding, website, digital marketing, SEO and PPC agencies who white label our services and sell them for double or even triple the price.

We also believe in a simple, transparent, 3-step process. Let’s talk more about that now.

Simplified Three-Step Process

At BrandLume, we don’t believe that our clients should be “shut out” from our process.

And though our results are incomparable, our three-step process is incredibly straightforward. We’re not out to confuse you with complicated terminology or long-winded pitches that have you saying “yes or no” just to get it over with.

In fact, most businesses we work with just decide to work with us after seeing little more than the price difference, no-contract services, and the value they would get from us vs. what they’re getting from the current company (or more often, companies) they’re currently working with.

Our process is as easy to understand.

First, you pick the solutions you need (whether it’s an all-in-one or a-la-carte service) and define your budget. If you’re unsure what you need, our non-sales support team ( who aren’t paid to sell products)  is always there to help you. Their main focus is getting you what you need, not getting you to spend more money.

Second, you give us your guidelines, and we’ll collect the details we need to get things rolling.  

Step three is our favorite part (and we’re sure it will be yours, too.) All you have to do is sit back, relax, and let us take care of the rest. Of course, if you choose, you can collaborate as much as you want. The choice is yours to make!

What Makes Us Different

We do more than put everything you need under one roof. We also allow you to get exactly what you need just like you do most of your shopping — online. Just pick and choose what you want, pay for it online, and get unbeatable results delivered in no time.

Everything we offer is enterprise-level and produces real results.

Here’s the sad truth about buying services off of most popular freelancing websites or run-of-the-mill agencies: they don’t care about you, your market, or bottom line. They’re already thinking about their next cli