What makes a good social media marketing agency?

First and foremost, they have to satisfy their customer’s needs. These days, businesses have varying social media marketing demands that put more pressure on these agencies to have diverse and flexible methods.

Big businesses need different things than mid-sized ones and mid-sized businesses need different things than small businesses. A good social media agency understands that and can adapt to what their customer needs and what they can afford.

Next, they need to have a great track record. Customer reviews and testimonials are essential reading when you’re selecting a social media marketing agency. Finding out who they’ve worked with and what the result was will indicate what they can do for you.

Lastly, do you believe in them? If you buy what they’re selling you, then you can put your trust in them. A lot of agencies promise big changes and bigger results, but can they deliver? That’s for you to decide.

In this post, we’re going to talk about 18 of the top social media marketing agencies in North America. In no particular order, we’ll go through them and tell you about their accomplishments and what makes them special.

Some of them are better at dealing with huge marketing campaigns, some of them are better taking on smaller projects more frequently, and some will do things however you want them to. They’re all at the top of their field and they’re all waiting to help you. Let’s find out which one is best for your business.

Top 18 Social Media Marketing Agencies

How do you decide which of these agencies to choose from? Well, that’s based on what your needs are. Do you need someone to manage your social media accounts? Or do you want someone to design you a tailored marketing campaign that gets plastered on every platform for a month straight?

All of these agencies offer different degrees of flexibility. Maybe you’ve got a specific social media problem you need to be fixed. There are agencies that you can hire to take care of one thing for a one-time fee. If you want full social media management, then you need an agency that will dedicate time to your cause.

Another deciding factor is how much you can afford to spend. Some of these agencies have built their reputation on working with big-ticket clients, while others work around smaller client’s budgets. We’ve provided a general price range for each agency to help you make your decision.

When the tree of social media grows, new branches pop out everywhere. Each branch represents a direction to take your social media marketing. This has created the need for different kinds of marketing agencies to specialize in different aspects of social media.

Let’s go through the list and you can decide which of these agencies is right for you and your needs.

1. Bigbuzz Marketing ($$$$$)

Bigbuzz Marketing is an NYC-based agency that puts special focus on building your brand through social media. Their satisfied clients include Nikon, HBO, and Disney.

Those satisfied clients report a high level of service and creativity. Bigbuzz has been at it a long time and puts special emphasis on looking forward and predicting trends in social media, which is an invaluable asset in digital marketing, where things are always changing.

Clients: Great for large-sized businesses.

2. Creative Deviants ($$$)

Creative Deviants is an appropriate name for what this agency does. They’re a self-proclaimed “ragtag bunch of creative misfits” that don’t pigeonhole themselves when it comes to digital marketing. They do it all and they do it all in-house, which allows them to work with clients’ budgets.

They’ve successfully completed social media campaigns for huge companies like Volvo, but also smaller ones like the boutique hair and skincare company, Steam Products. They specialize in video, which is becoming incredibly important on all social media platforms.

Clients: Great for mid-to-large sized businesses.

3. Sociallyin ($$$)

While many other digital marketing services have their hands in multiple cookie jars, Sociallyin’s only focus is on social media marketing. This allows them to complete huge social media campaigns for large and mid-sized companies. They focus on creating a plan, content production, community management, and ROI.

The proof is in the pudding, so to speak. Their clients include Dick’s Sporting Goods, TGI Friday’s, Toyota, and even the Winter Olympics. With a track record like that, it’s hard to go wrong.

Clients: Great for mid-to-large sized businesses.

4. BrandLume ($-$$)

The BrandLume approach is a little bit different than most social media agencies. They have up-front pricing based on what your social media needs are. They don’t want to charge you for a service you don’t want because the service comes as a package. There are no long-term contracts and you pay for what you need.

They start with different packages. Their social media marketing package takes care of social media management and advertising across all of the major platforms. The social media management service focuses on brand management and content creation. Social media advertising is more focused on analytics and promotion.

You can choose your package and pick any social media add-ons that you deem appropriate. For instance, you can get the “Managed Social” package and have them put a special focus on Instagram growth if that’s where you’re lacking. BrandLume is perfect for a company that knows what kind of help they need.

Clients: Great for small-to-midsized businesses.

5. Vizion Interactive ($$$$)

Vizion Interactive’s primary focus is on ROI. If you’re not seeing money come in from the service that they provide, then something’s wrong. They’re a huge Texas-based operation that does all-things digital marketing.

What’s different about them is that this wide-ranging experience allows them to incorporate different aspects of digital marketing into their social media campaigns. They understand how the individual parts work together to create a greater whole. Clients include Lennox Industries and the University of Kansas Hospital Authority.

Clients: Great for mid-to-large sized businesses.

6. VaynerMedia ($$$$$)

VaynerMedia was started by famed entrepreneur and social media influencer Gary Vaynerchuk. If anyone knows how to appeal to the masses, it’s him. They’re well known for their award-winning YouTube advertisements and integrating marketing campaigns into Alexa and Google’s voice services.

They integrate all parts of digital marketing with their campaigns, which includes social media. VaynerMedia has completed successful social media advertising campaigns for Budweiser, Shell, Mountain Dew, Kraft, and Halls. That’s just naming a few examples in their massive portfolio.

Clients: Great for large-sized businesses.

7. Social SEO ($$)

Colorado’s Social SEO has put a special focus on, you guessed it, search engine optimization. What you may not realize is that your social media platforms can have a huge effect on SEO. They look to build an online community, promote your brand, and drive engagement on the platforms that make sense for your business.

One look at their website will show you that they have a full understanding of what social media marketing can do for your business. They know that success comes with a custom-tailored social media campaign.

Clients: Great for small-to-midsized businesses.

8. Lyfe Marketing ($-$$)

Lyfe Marketing is located in Atlanta, one of the most vibrant and creative cities in the world. Their social media marketing services are thorough and put special emphasis on creating awareness by growing your social media presence.

Daily posting of high-quality content will increase your followership, which means you’ll have more people to advertise to. The people at Lyfe Marketing know that advertising through social media is the best way to make money at a low cost.

They’ve proven as much with local companies like Super Lawn Trucks, STIRR Agency, and Home Team Apparel.

Clients: Great for small-to-midsized businesses.

9. Social Media 55 ($$$-$$$$$)

Let’s take a trip to Canada for this one. Montreal is a hotbed for digital marketing agencies. Look no further than Social Media 55.

Social Media 55 knows that doing your own social media campaigns is a time-consuming endeavor, so they offer what they call an “a la carte” set of service options. This is designed for you to better communicate with your target audience in the ways that you deem appropriate.

Clients: Great for mid-to-large sized businesses.

10. Kobe Digital ($-$$$)

LA’s Kobe Digital is focused on demographics. The way that they approach social media marketing is by targeting the specific demographics that your business should appeal to. On their website, you’ll see a section titled “Social Science”. This shows that they’re coming at it from a different perspective.

Different groups of people want different things out of their social media advertisements. Kobe Digital will customize a campaign that hits home for the demographic that you want. Once you do that, the possibilities are endless.

Clients: Great for small-to-midsized businesses.

11. Udonis ($$$$)

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