If you are in business, you’ve probably heard that social media marketing is needed to succeed in today’s digital first marketplace. A proper social media marketing campaign isn’t just to have a presence but to grow your brand and reach a larger audience. With the right social media campaign, you can gain recognition and increase your sales revenue.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you need to be on every social platform. It is not a one size fits all proposition. Each social media channel attracts its own demographics. Your job is to figure out which platforms your target audience is most likely to spend time on. 

Do a critical analysis of who utilizes your services and if it aligns with your business model. There are decisions that will need to be made if you plan to reach a larger demographic. As with any marketing tool, you want to be strategic and spend your dollars wisely.

Each platform has something unique to offer. Keep reading to learn how to create the ultimate social media marketing campaign.

Why is Social Media Needed for Business?

Social media is needed because it has the potential to place your business before a global audience. Facebook alone has 2.4 billion users and the other social platforms combined add over a billion more.

As we move forward with the enhancement of technology, more people will be online and doing day-to-day tasks. We can already shop, order take-out, do online banking, and even receive a medical diagnosis. 

Businesses must stay abreast of technology to remain competitive. If they are unwilling to go where the customers are, they risk not being seen at all.

You need to look no further than the recent Popeye’s chicken sandwich viral phenomenon that netted the company a hefty amount of free advertising. The social media campaign was successful because they were able to generate social interest in a non-existent beef with competitors.

 It demonstrated that a post strategically placed could be shared millions of times and take on a life of its own. 

You Can Have a Social Media Campaign That Includes Multiple Platforms

Your social media marketing campaign can be shared on numerous platforms. Using the Popeye’s campaign as an example, people were engaged on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and other sites.

Most social platforms have the capability to allow users to auto-share content. Someone posting on Facebook could have their content automatically posted to Twitter and Instagram. Getting a user to share your posts could lead to exposure in infinite numbers.

If you choose to have multiple social media business pages, there is no need to create a separate campaign for each platform. Make minor tweaks and deliver the same message for cohesiveness.

Here is what popular channels offer.

Facebook Marketing 

Since Facebook has the most users it will usually attract the most amount of business. Be careful with this line of thinking because if you are trying to attract teens or young adults, Facebook may not work. But if you steer the social media campaign towards their parents, you will see results.

Facebook offers many opportunities to launch marketing campaigns, including targeted paid advertisements. They also have apps to help you grow your email marketing list, accept payments, and chat with customers.

Twitter Marketing

Similar to Facebook, Twitter offers an impressive targeted advertising platform. Their audience targeting features help you zero in on the users and their habits. If you know your audience loves sports, Twitter can place your ads in between posts related to sports. 

Twitter is also known for incorporating the infamous hashtag into social media campaigns. These are short phrases formed together with a hashtag or this symbol # as the first character. Ex. #SocialMediaCampaigns or # BrandLume 

By using hashtags your content is placed into a sub search group with everyone utilizing that phrase. Try to create hashtags unique to your brand.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is owned by Facebook so you’ll have several integration features. You may also find that many of your Facebook followers are also on Instagram. This can potentially double your exposure.

For the best Instagram social media campaigns; you will need to have vibrant and engaging images. Video is also a big feature and if you can get the message inside a one-minute video clip you’ll have success in capturing the viewer’s attention.

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is a visual art social platform. Users post and share pictures of everything from their pets to items they hope to buy and storyboards for a wedding.

The goal is two-fold. One you want to have amazing photos of your product or service. Second, you want people to be able to easily share these images and a quick description that includes your links. 

YouTube Marketing

YouTube is another platform with a massive reach. If you don’t have money for television advertising, create a YouTube channel. You can post your video advertising campaigns on your channel.

They also have targeted marketing options.

Google Marketing

Google is the internet, well a big part of it. Most people do not see Google as a social media platform but things are changing.

They offer what is called Google My Business Page. This feature is located in the right column of Google’s search engine. The GMB Page pops up when someone enters your business name in the search field. It can also return a result if they enter your type of business and city.

Where your social media campaign comes into play is Google now offers users the ability to post promotions within their business grid. You can also share images, videos and have a review section.

Google is also the master of CPC and PPC Marketing.

Other Platforms for Social Media Ad Campaigns

There are product-specific websites that also offer social media platforms. For example, an author or publishing company will want to market on GoodReads. If you are a home improvement provider utilizing platforms like HomeAdvisor and Angie’s List is a must.   

Live Streaming and Video Marketing is Taking Over

If you are about to launch a social media marketing campaign, you’ll want to come up with a way to incorporate live streaming. This feature is offered on all major social media platforms. 

Live streaming is beneficial to your business and Internet marketing strategy because it can be incorporated in different ways.

A business can design a Video marketing campaign around a new product by doing a live demonstration. Go live from events where you are a featured speaker. Businesses with physical locations can go live in your store and get testimonials from clients. 

You do not need expensive equipment. A smartphone with a high-quality camera and a steady hand or tripod is all that’s required.

There are various apps available that will allow you to live stream to multiple social media platforms using one smartphone. More importantly, the capability allows you to build connections with the people you engage with online.

Influencers Expand Your Social Media Campaign Reach

Social media influencer marketing is a growing trend and one you should consider for your next campaign. People often believe an influencer has to be a celebrity or someone famous. The truth is anyone with a favorable following and the ability to persuade others is an influencer.

Social media campaign examples for influencers include product placement and demonstrations.  

Once you find the right social media influencer for your business, have the person feature your product on their social platforms. Strategically include product placement within the camera’s view or wearing branded clothing or an item you sell.

Influencers are required to list that the product is a paid advertisement.