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Looking for the best all-inclusive custom website design company with complete web site development services that combines functionality, latest SEO techniques & design to grow your company’s business online? Then, you’ve come to the right place.

Here at BrandLume, we are the experts at designing custom, 100% responsive WordPress, WooCommerce, and Shopify websites that are built to produce real business results for companies, instead of acting as online business cards.

We focus on providing complete website services for small & medium businesses that stack up against 50-150K websites for fraction of that cost, and we do it in all-inclusive packages to make things, hassle-free.

So, check out dozens’ of our previous website design and Development projects & various website services below for SEO, Conversion, mobile & speed optimization of your current site, landing page designs, or complete web site design & development packages with Up-front prices!

How it works

So, why us?

Want The Best Website Design & Development Agency for Your Company?

You see, there are hundreds of website designers & developers and companies out there. From cheap freelancers that produce pretty but useless websites to the super expensive web design agencies that tailor to the extremely customized tasks and major Enterprises.

What most small & medium sized companies need though, is a custom website that can outrank their competition on Google, has high conversion rate, and can be further customizable as their business grows. AND of course, do all that, plus more, without breaking the bank. Well, that’s exactly what BrandLume is specialized in.

So, don’t put your company’s online faith in the hands of cheap & unreliable freelance web designers, or overpay for unnecessarily complicated websites developed by agencies that built sites from scratch with custom code that no one else can manage.

Enjoy agency-level website design customization & reliability for the price of freelancers, at BrandLume.

We also drink our own cool-aid & our website is just another example of the 300+ websites we’ve designed & developed using WordPress & WooCommerce.

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Not Just Another Website Design & Development Agency

BrandLume is the first omnichannel platform for everything digital marketing services , branding services and websites in one place.

What does that mean for you?

Well, for starters; you no longer have to hire & deal with different companies for your branding, website design, web development or digital marketing initiatives.

No more provider management nightmares, campaigns taking for every to implement or being overcharged for the services you don’t need.

Here you have access to all the services & experts you’d need, in one place, done by one company (not different freelancers), with upfront prices & no long-term contracts.

What does it mean for your website needs?

It means that your website is built with not just expert web designers & developers, but brought together by SEO marketing, speed & digital marketing experts who will develop a website that produces real results.

It also means that you aren’t left to find other companies for your website monthly management, optimization, Updates, and marketing after its development.

So, check out our website services below with previous examples, upfront prices and timelines to see why hundreds of companies all over the world, choose BrandLume.

Website Design & Development Pricing & Packages

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Website Design
  • $2000USD
  • Ideal for Local Business
  • We will only charge 50% of the total amount now and rest after completion of the project.
  • What will you get:

    • Upto 5 Page Wordpress Website incl. Home Page, About Us Page, Contact Us Page, plus two pages of your choice
    • Licensed Theme and Plugins (Usually use Elementor Pro as the page builder)
    • Use of up to 15 licensed images
    • Structural SEO Optimized
    • 2 Revision Cycles Included
    • Website Migration (If Req.)

Website Design
  • $4000USD
  • Ideal for Medium/Large Business
  • We will only charge 50% of the total amount now and rest after completion of the project.
  • What will you get:

    • Advanced animation and design normally utilizing a heavily customized theme or from scratch dev using Elementor Pro
    • Blog Activation
    • Up to 3 Contact Forms & 3 Widgets
    • Free Plugin Installation
    • Up to 40 Page Transfers (subject to review and scoping)
    • HTML and XML Sitemap
    • Branded WordPress Login Page
    • Responsive Web Design
    • Homepage Slideshow, Photo Gallery, and other features as needed
    • Delivery takes approximately 30 to 45 days depending on the complexity of the site design and timeliness of feedback.
Website Design
  • $7000USD
  • Complete E-Commerce Website
  • We will only charge 50% of the total amount now & the rest after completion of the project.
  • What you'll get:

    • Full stack custom E-commerce WordPress/ Shopify website with all neccessary integrations & capabilities
    • Capability of selling your products, subscriptions, membership, online courses, events or any kind of product online
    • Blog Activation and customization
    • Up to 5 Contact Forms & 10 Widgets( extras can be added)
    • All required Plugin/App Installations
    • Up to 40 Page Transfers (subject to review & scoping)
    • HTML & XML Sitemap Setup
    • Branded WordPress Login Page
    • 100% Responsive Web Design
    • Homepage Slideshow, Photo Gallery, and other features as needed
    • Delivery takes approximately 50 to 80 days depending on the complexity of the site design and timeliness of feedback.
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Have Specific Needs?

No Problem!

We’ll Design & Develop your dream website, at a fraction of the usual cost!

Website Development Services & Add-ons

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  • $400USD
  • Landing Page Design based on Optimal Conversion Rate Principles
    • Use of Unbounce or WordPress
    • Get 1 Design Mockup
    • Short turnaround time of 3-5 days
    • Created on WordPress
    • Get 1 Revision
  • Check out the previous examples:

    Example 1 | Example 2 | Example 3
  • $950USD
  • High Converting Landing Page Design for Your Paid Advertisements
    • Use of Unbounce or WordPress
    • Up to 15 Different Iterations
    • Unique for Each Ad Campaigns
    • Created on WordPress
    • Works on any Website
  • Check out the previous examples:

    Example 1 | Example 2 | Example 3
  • $400USD
  • Complete A-Z website speed optimization
    • Minify CSS, HTML, & Java Scripts
    • Complete Site Analysis & Optimizing
    • Image Resizing & Optimization
    • Up to 8 Hours of Optimization
    • Up to 30 Pages of Optimization
  • Check out the previous examples:

    Example 1 | Example 2
  • $300USD
  • Dedicated Hours of On-Demand Web Dev. or Graphic Design Services
    • For Projects That Exceed the Norm
    • Covers Design, HTML/CSS, WordPress
    • Edits, Tweaks, or Maintenance
    • Website Setup & Refinements
    • Website SEO Optimization
  • $189USD/Mo
  • Monthly Complete Website Maintenance Service to keep you Updated, Issue Free & Secure
    • Website Performance Optimization
    • Core CMS & Technical SEO Updates
    • Plugins & Theme Updates
    • Security and Malware Protection
    • Nightly Website Backup & more
Ongoing Compliance
  • $75USD/Mo
  • Complete (WCAG) 2.1 ( AA Level), ADA/AODA Compliance
  • Accessibility involves a wide range of disabilities, including:
    • Visual
    • Auditory
    • Physical
    • Speech
    • Cognitive
    • Language
    • Learning
    • Neurological Disabilities & more

What clients say

What’s the Process?


Since, the website development timeline depends on a number of factors, the average time for the basic website design is 20 working days and 30 working days for the advanced website design. These are the tentative timelines and the exact timelines will be provided by your success manager after the detailed discussions regarding the scope of your project.

No! The website maintenance has to be bought separately which is worth $350/month which includes keeping website spam free, updated plugins, and any fixes that may be required due to consistent changes in SEO algorithms to avoid any penalties.

We use WordPress for building every website due to its popularity and easy integration with almost every application that you might need. Also, we use page builders for building up the website that will provide you control to make any necessary changes in case you wish to manage the website by yourself.
We value your insights and our team is happy to incorporate any changes that you think are required for a week after the initial design has been sent. No changes can be made once the final design has been approved.

We generally charge for the web development in two installments. We charge 50% of the amount to kickstart the project and the remaining 50% is deducted after the approval and finalization of the project.

We strongly discourage our clients to do that and we generally do not provide access to the website during its development phase due to the fact that it may cause errors and can cause setbacks in the dedicated project timeline. As the project is approved, you will be provided with all the credentials.

Since the website needs immediate attention in case of any major error, we do not launch the website on Friday.

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