In business terms, the scope is the area or subject matter of work that a company will assign a partner vendor to do on a project. It can be as specific as one thing like designing an interface, or as broad as creating, implementing, and measuring a digital marketing strategy.

The scope dictates how big or small a project will be for a vendor, and by extension how much a client company trusts your skills as a service provider. But the scope can always change depending on your performance.

For example, we once had a client that managed supply chains that needed a website. It was a simple enough WordPress development project and we were able to complete it in approximately a month and a half. But we put in the extra effort wherever we could, such as the design and customer service in communicating with the client.

Our exchanges paired with the great designs convinced them that we were the right partner for the job and gave us more work. We became responsible for the site’s maintenance and SEO efforts. So our team dove into that as well to good results that the client was again happy to see.

All that effort resulted in one happy client that recommended our service via a Clutch review.


There are other ways to go  beyond the scope that are easy and simple. In fact, the small things done in simple ways are usually what clients will appreciate. Another client that we partnered with was a Skateboard shop that needed a brand identity to set themselves apart. This was a big project that required both big picture thinking and attention to detail.

But to our surprise it was our effort on the small things that caught our client’s attention the most. In addition to brand development, we were tasked with designing the packaging for the product. Our team seemed to have enjoyed this part of the project and provided 15 designs, blowing the client away.


As one of the top agencies showcased on The Manifest, we are proud to get great feedback from clients. Even as a  larger agency, we know all you need to do is go beyond the scope in whatever way you can. Regardless of the size, the client will notice the extra effort and commend you for it.

If you’re interested in how we can go beyond the scope with your project, book a free consultation with us today. We’re here to help you and your business