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What’s Press Release Writing & Distribution Service?

Writing and Distributing a Press release is the process of creating a newsworthy article about you, your event or services, and sharing it across news channels and publication websites.

The true power of press release services is much more than it’s direct marketing or customers it gets you (as big as that is). Real PR value is in SEO backlinks you get from these publications.

You see, news websites have very high domain authority (20 to 90+ DA) and having backlinks from them gives you a huge SEO ranking boost for months.PR distribution also gives you massive social proof and credibility factor to help turn your window shoppers to buyers.

At BrandLume, we’ve simplified the entire process by providing complete Press Release writing, Distribution and SEO boosting of PR services, all in one place.

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How it works

So, why us?

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It all Starts with a Unique Press Release Article, Specific to your Niche

Writing a press release is one thing, but having editors choose it to be published on their news outlet is another story entirely.

To get the editors of authoritative publications like CBC, FOX, Bloomberg, CNN to pick your story for publishing, means writing an impeccable article that follows their guidelines and industry’s specific anchors to the tee.

At BrandLume, our 100% native English- speaking writers have journalist background and your article is always written with your industry-specific journalist.

Your article writer understands your niche, what editors in your industry look for and how to write an article that appeals to editors, your specific audience and with seamless backlinks to your website for ultimate SEO Backlinking juice.

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Get on the World’s Biggest PR Distribution of 440k+ News Outlets

Once you approve your article, we’ll put it through our final editorial to ensure it’s perfect in every way.

Then we send it to our 440000+ publication partners in USA, Canada and Europe (we have the biggest list in the world with publications like Fox, CBS, CNN, Yahoo News, Bloomberg, FOX, etc.)

The editors from these publications will then choose to pick your press release and run it in their news channels.

There are a lot of details that must be done correctly in your article to maximize the number of publications that would choose to run your story.

Simplest things like your article’s writing format, way links are embedded, and lack of certain terms are enough for the editors to discard your article, even if your story is amazing.

So, don’t out the success of your PR campaign in the hand of armatures, grab one of BrandLume’ s proven PR packages to ace your press release initiatives.

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Online PR News Logos

Get Amazing Social Proof with your Press Release Distribution

Showcase to the world that you are featured on these high authority news outlets and publications websites.

Once your story is published, you can post not only the article on your website and social media profiles, but also use the logo of the publications that ran your story on your website.

This gives you an unprecedented social proof and tells your audience who is searching you online, goes to your website or sees you on social media, that you are an authority within your industry.

Using this technique for building a solid trust factor has been proven to massively increase conversion rates and help companies convert more clients than competition for similar products and services.

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Rocket up in Google SERPs ranking with our Press Release Services

So here is a news splash! You thought getting hundreds of publications to talk about you, using them as your social proof and getting tons of leads and traffic from doing a press release was amazing already, right?

Well, that is amazing, but there is more! The true value of running a press release is the backlinks profile you would be getting from the anchor links we’d embed in your article.

These links will backlink these high authority news sites to your website and that means that in Google’s eyes, you’ve just scored some huge authoritative backlinks. This will greatly affect your organic ranking and increase your domain authority as well.

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Press Release Pricing & Packages

  • Pro Press Release Writing 
    Get a 400-500 word high quality press release from our professional writers
  • Media Distribution:
  • BrandLume Premium PR Network
    (100+ outlets)  
  • BrandLume Advanced PR Network
    (250+ outlets)  
  • BrandLume Ultimate PR Network
    (1,000+ outlets)  
  • Yahoo News/Finance
  • Google News 
  • Business Journals Network
  • Additional Features:
  • Number of hyperlinks 
    The maximum number of hyperlinks that can be inserted into the release linking to your web property.
  • Industry list included  
    Reach targeted media specific to your niche.
  • Add Up to 4 images  
    Add flavour to your story with rich media insertion.
  • Add up to 2 additional files  
    Ability to attach any supporting documents with your release.

    All major file formats are supported.
  • Embed video  
    Embed a Youtube or Vimeo video to your release to increase its effectiveness.
  • Pre-Publish PR Preview 
    Ability to review the PR before the final approval
  • Complete QA Check by Editor  
    Review by Editor to ensure all guidelines are met.
  • Detailed Reporting with Analytics

What clients say

What’s the Process?


We will send out the input form and ask a few details about your business, keywords, URLs that you wish to include in Press Release etc. You will receive all the details for the input form in follow up emails after your purchase. If you wish to see the actual input form now, click here.

Absolutely! We will get the final Press Release approved before sending it out for the distribution. You will then have the ability to request changes if you feel any.
 The no-follow tag tells search engines not to follow that link and that means it will not add up to your SEO rankings as they do not pass page ranks. Whereas do-follow links tell search engines to pass on the page ranks. Therefore if you are using do-follow external links on your website, you have to make sure that website has high authority and is credible else it will affect your SEO rankings even if the linked website gets penalized.
In case you are using anchors for hyperlinks, we recommend using no-follow links whereas in case of naked link usage (For e.g. instead of using anchors for hyperlinks, using URL directly as part of the text), you can make it as do-follow. Also, the news outlets have the ultimate power to decide whether they are do-follow or no-follow. Although, most of the media outlets tend to use no-follow links as default.
Unfortunately, we do not accept any foreign language keywords for the Press Releases. Also, before making the purchase kindly make sure that your website is in English. However, we do allow foreign keywords for our link building solutions. Check out here! 
There are few industries which fall under “Grey” area that are considered as spam such as Gambling, Adult content, Supplements, Weight Loss, Mortgage etc. Most of the news outlets do not accept press releases for these industries. If you are unsure if your niche falls under the approved category, get in touch with us!
Absolutely! You can include the logos of all major news outlets where your press release will be distributed but only after the distribution.
That’s where our BackLinks Building Solution comes into play. You can simply choose one of the packages and it will help you give a tremendous boost to your Press Release as  our BackLinks Building Solution is specifically designed to add power to second-tier properties (Your website is the Tier 1, and all the other properties which link directly to your website are the second tier) such as your press releases, guest posts, social media pages, videos etc.

Following are the topics which will be rejected by the News wires:

  • Mortgage, pay-day, cash, short-term or long-term loans
  • Escorts, or anything sexual in nature, including supplements
  • Impotence / ED, STDs
  • Radical or political opinions/views
  • Radical religious opinions/views
  • Gambling
  • E-cigs, vaping, green coffee, raspberry ketones, HCG, Kratom, Garcinia Cambogia or any supplements
  • Illegal/”grey area” content like unlocking an iPhone, hacks, cracks and other illegal means to bypass a game’s restrictions
  • Alcohol and weed
  • MLM
  • Dietary supplements

The initial step of writing the Press release takes 5-7 days and once it gets approved from your end, we send it for the distribution. The distribution usually takes 10-15 days after that. You will be then sent a final report containing all the details of the campaigns.

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