How to Write a Well-Crafted Press Release that Boosts PR 

Finding a great press release example on which to base your next news release is incredibly helpful, but it’ll only take you so far. Because your business has unique qualities, you’ll need to address them to keep the release from being dry as dust.  

This article discusses the different types of press releases, why you need a good press release, and the writing process of a press release that will make your business shine. 

What is a Press Release (PR)?  

A PR or news release is a formal written statement delivered to the media to provide information, an announcement, or promote something.  

Traditionally, a press release was sent to newspapers and other print publications. Nowadays, they are just as likely to be distributed online, through social media, and even by text message 

A PR should always be written in the third person and never sound like an advertisement. The goal is to communicate facts while maintaining a level of objectivity. 

Types of Press Releases

Different types of press releases are available, each with its own purpose. Take a look at the different types of press releases and when you should use them. 

Product Launch and Update

The most common press release type is the product launch. This happens when a business releases a new product or service to the public. For example, Apple might issue a press release whenever they launch a new iPhone 

Things to remember in product launch and update releases:  

  • Include images, videos, or infographics to help tell your story  
  • Make sure your product is newsworthy  
  • Consider adding quotes from customers or experts  

Pro tip: If you’re announcing an update to an existing product, be sure to include information about what’s new and different.  

Mergers and Acquisitions

A business announcement is generally used to notify the public about changes within a company. While a press release does not necessarily require an official organization name, it should indicate who is responsible for the message.   

Include details about the company being acquired or merged into another entity, including contact information and relevant financial data. For major announcements, such as mergers or acquisitions, state the date and place where the news was announced.  

New Partnerships

If you partner with a non-profit or another business, this could be an event to be reported on. Press releases that announce collaborations can be a great marketing tool for both organizations.  

If you want a successful execution of the press release, make sure to:  

  • Include quotes from both parties  
  • State the benefits of the partnership  
  • Outline what each organization is bringing to the table